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tunabout fans: an ace attorney fan community

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Name:turnabout fans! an ace attorney fan community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:anything ace attorney/gyakuten saiban!
If you're a fan of Ace Attorney [Gyakuten Saiban et al.], whether that be every game ever released and all the manga, the manga only, only some of the games - or whether you've even read/played everything Ace Attorney or only started playing yesterday, this community will welcome you with open arms and allow you to discuss, share, and generally make friends with other AA fans!

Read the rules and be sure to obey them, and otherwise - HAVE FUN!

Interests (150):

ace attorney, ace attorney investigations, acro, adrian andrews, akbey hicks, alita tiala, angel starr, apollo justice, apollo justice: ace attorney, april may, bat, benjamin woodman, bikini, billy bob johns, bruce goodman, bruno cadaverini, buddy faith, byrne faraday, calisto yew, cammy meele, celeste inpax, cindy stone, cody hackins, colias palaeno, colin devorae, dahlia hawthorne, damon gant, daryan crescend, dee vasquez, deid mann, desirée delite, dick gumshoe, diego armando, doug swallow, dr. hickfield, dr. hotti, drew misham, dustin prince, elise deauxmin, ema sky, ernest amano, frank sawhit, franziska von karma, furio tigre, glen elg, godot, gregory edgeworth, guy eldoon, gyakuten saiban, ini miney, iris, jack hammer, jacques portsman, jake marshall, jean armstrong, joe darke, juan corrida, justice for all, ka-shi nou, kane bullard, kay faraday, ken dingling, klavier gavin, kristoph gavin, lamiroir, lana skye, lance amano, larry butz, lauren paups, lawrence curls, lisa basil, little plum, lolli paups, lotta hart, luke atmey, machi tobaye, mack rell, maggey byrde, magnifi gramarye, manfred von karma, manny coachen, marvin grossberg, mask demasque, matt engarde, max galactica, maya fey, mia fey, mike meekins, miles edgeworth, mimi miney, missile, misty fey, moe, morgan fey, neil marshall, olga orly, pal meraktis, pearl fey, penny nichols, phoenix wright, phoenix wright: ace attorney, plum kitaki, polly, quercus alba, redd white, regina berry, rhoda tenerio, richard wellington, robert hammond, romein letouse, ron delite, russel berry, sal manella, sean dingling, shadi enigmar, shadi smith, shelly dekiller, shi-long lang, shih-na, spark brushel, terry fawles, thalassa gramarye, the bellboy, the great judgini, the judge, the kitaki family, the tiger, trials and tribulations, trilo, trilo quist, troupe gramarye, trucy wright, turner grey, tyrell badd, udgey, valant gramarye, valerie hawthorne, vera misham, victor kudo, viola cadaverini, violetta, wendy oldbag, wesley stickler, will powers, winfred kiatki, winston payne, wocky kitaki, yanni yogi, zak gramarye, zinc lablanc
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